Wyandotte Michigan


Wyandotte is the oldest incorporated city in Wayne County, Michigan other than the city of Detroit.  It was founded in 1854 and incorporated in 1867.  Today it is a waterfront community rich in history and known for its distinctive architecture, charming downtown district and a variety of cultural offerings.

Wyandotte is often described as the “Heart of Downriver”.  It is surrounded on each of its borders by other downriver communities which make Wyandotte “central” to Downriver.


In addition, as of the 2010 Census, the median age in Wyandotte was 40.4 with a population of 25,883. The distribution of the population by age was 0-17 year olds, 21.5%; 18-64 year olds, 64.7% and 65+, 13.8%. The demographic statistical data presented is as provided by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG).  Furthermore, the data supports the conclusion that Wyandotte is a desirable place to establish a household and to raise a family since residents are fairly young.


Real Estate Issues


The majority of households in Wyandotte are family dwellings, real estate, either owned or rented.  Real estate transactions can be complicated and usually involve an investment.  The potential for legal advice and/or utilization of an attorney for the drafting or review of legal documents for the purpose of buying, selling or leasing real estate is almost certain.  The attorneys at Downriver Lawyer are conveniently located and ready to service you as needed.


Some of the professional services the attorneys at Downriver Lawyer provide are as follows:


–          Counseling of the purchase/sale of personal real estate

–          Document drafting and review of real estate transactions

–          Lease/Purchase contract negotiations

–          Mediation and litigation concerning real estate transactions

–          Foreclosures

–          Deeds of trust

–          Property defects

–          Representation before a homeowners association

–          Troubled mortgages

–          Property taxation

–          Landlord/tenant law


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Family Law Issues


Just about anyone can start a family on their own, but certain procedures affecting the responsibilities of family life must be pursued in court.  While matters of the heart are very personal, the laws regarding divorce and the process of adopting a child, for example, are governed by state and federal laws.  “Family law,” therefore refers to rules, regulations, and court procedure involving the family unit.  While some family law matters may be handled without counsel, processes such as divorce and child custody often require the skill and expertise of a skilled attorney.  Downriver Lawyer offers a full spectrum of family law services.


Civil procedures and legal matters involving family members’ financial responsibilities, custodial rights, and other obligations generally fall under the family law category.  Domestic violence and child abuse are included in this section, although they are criminal matters.  The following is a list of some of the   common family law topics.


–          Marriage and living together

–          Divorce and alimony

–          Child custody and child support

–          Adoption and foster care

–          Domestic violence and child abuse


As with most other areas of the law, whether you need a family law attorney depends on a number of factors specific to your case.  Individuals often benefit from hiring an attorney in matters of family law because emotions are often inevitable and cause resolution without an outside independent party such as an attorney to be almost impossible.


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