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Taylor, Michigan.  The name in itself rings true greatness.  A city named after a military hero and later the 12th President of the United States, Zachary Taylor, home to Steve Avery and Wayne Presley, can only deserve greatness in return.


That’s why Downriver Lawyer is proud to serve the Taylor community in all of its legal concerns.  Downriver Lawyer strives for providing the highest level of quality legal services and support to our community members to keep on the tradition of what makes Taylor, Michigan so great.


Our lawyers come from diverse backgrounds with knowledge specific to all of the legal practice areas that we provide.  We provide legal advice and strategies in both a defensive and offensive manner.  We not only provide legal support for those who find themselves at odds with the law, but also for those who seek to protect themselves from both foreseen and unforeseen legal complications in the future.


Two ways in which our experienced lawyers provide such services are as follows.


We are all human and as a result fallible.  So it should come as no surprise that we might find ourselves in less than perfect situations.  And if we do happen to find ourselves in a difficult situation, rather than become a victim of the situation at hand, it is more sensible that we defend ourselves.


At Downriver Lawyer, we have 30 plus years of experience defending those who are in need.  We provide services that range from run-ins with the law, through criminal defense https://downriverlawyer.com/services/criminal-law/ ranging from domestic violence charges, DUI and DWI matters, theft, robbery and burglary charges, all the way to drug possession and aggravated assault and battery charges.  Our experience has proven successful for our clients in both representing them against greater harm and enhanced charges to reducing and even vacating existing charges.  We even provide post-conviction work and have had a high success rate of overturning convictions on Appeal.


There is always hope to challenge criminal charges, many times on technical issues, but only an experienced lawyer in this area can help you in such matters.


More recently, under the Medical Marijuana Act of 2008, 14 cities in Michigan have decriminalized the possession and use of Marijuana, https://downriverlawyer.com/medical-marijuana-downriver-michigan/ .  However, decriminalizing a federally illegal substance has proven to be complex and local law enforcement and the court systems have continued to arrest, detain and convict individuals for both possession and use of marijuana.  Our team of legal professionals have had experience litigating such cases and have proven successful given the caveats enacted by such recent events.


On the flip side of the coin, our legal experts also provide legal services to help deter legal consequences for our community members.  Such services range in providing legal and professional advice and legal support for entrepreneurs of Taylor, MI through incorporation, tax advice, and business litigation support.  You can find more information about our legal Business and Corporate services at https://downriverlawyer.com/services/corporate-and-business-law/.


Success in any business is two-fold.  On one hand you have to iron out all the kinks that come with the logistics of starting your own business, how to stay afloat and how to grow, such as funding and marketing issues.  On the other hand there is the headache of protecting yourself legally, providing yourself with legal strategies that will protect you from the IRS, Employee complaints, compliance with federal and state rules and regulations, insurance regulations, and finally day-to-day business operations.  A smart and successful entrepreneur is one that can protect himself/herself against future foreseen and unforeseen challenges.  Downriver Lawyer is proud to provide deterrence measures for our local entrepreneurs in Taylor, Michigan.  We want to see our local business owners thrive and succeed.  That is why our team of legal experts has proven so helpful in thinking of the unthinkable and protecting our clients from any potential future setback.  We create an offensive strategy so that our clients seldom find themselves on the defensive.


These are only two examples of the level of quality and innovative thinking that we provide to our community and our clients in protecting, serving and helping them stay safe, grow, and be successful in all aspects.
To obtain more information on the various legal practice areas that we offer, visit us at https://downriverlawyer.com/.  If you have further question or doubt, you can contact us via web at https://downriverlawyer.com/contact/ , email us at: info@downriverlawyer.com, or call us directly at 734-619-1237.  Our friendly staff is always ready to answer your questions and offer you a free consultation with one of our legal experts.  It is always in your best interest to educate yourself on your options and more importantly on your legal rights.  Downriver Lawyer has served the community in Taylor, Michigan for years and continues to provide invaluable quality service.  We look forward to serving you!