July 21

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer Downriver?

Divorce is not a topic most of want to discuss, let alone have to go through, but unfortunately, the average divorce rate continues to hover around 50%. There are so many different things to think about when you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, some of which are personal, emotional concerns. How will you get through this? If you have children, will they be ok? Then there are the financial issues, such as the dividing of property and other assets…possibly alimony and child support. If you are smack dab in the eye of the storm, are you going to be able to make objective decisions? Furthermore, do you have the legal experience and know-how needed to handle a do-it-yourself divorce? If you answered “no” to either of these questions, you are in need of legal representation.

Divorce is a complex process

Contrary to popular belief, modern day divorces are not a “breeze.” Whether you’ve been married for a few years or 20 years, the process is still a multifaceted one and not a light undertaking. You need an expert to advocate for your rights during this painful time in your life. Think about it: when you need surgery, you don’t perform it yourself; you do some research and find a surgeon that is educated and experienced. The same holds true for legal problems. If you need legal advice you want to find the best legal team possible, and if you live Downriver, that means calling Downriver Lawyer. Family Law is one of our specialties. Our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience in the courtroom, negotiating on behalf of clients like you, who need and deserve fair and equitable representation.

Here’s why you need a legal expert

Even if you and your partner are seemingly headed for an amicable break up, there are some issues that will come up that warrant the expertise only experienced professionals such as ours possess. Consider the following:

Child custody: If you have children, custody will likely be a potential issue. Currently, the State of Michigan Custody Guideline is 18 pages long. Are you confident you can comprehend this highly technical document, and the legal jargon contained in it, in order to argue your own case? If not, you need legal advice. For example, there are two types of custody: sole and joint custody. Further, there are two types of joint custody: joint legal and joint physical custody. The definitions for all of these categories are several paragraphs long, and are quite involved. If both parents can’t agree on custody, the court will defer to Factors in the Child Custody Act, of which there are 12 for the judge to consider.   Once custody is decided, the next topic to consider is visitation, another complicated subject.

Property & Assets: The division of property and assets can be a tricky proposition. Each person in a divorce wants the share he or she thinks they deserve. The only logical way to accomplish that is by having a third party step in and figuring out what is fair to both parties. At Downriver Lawyer, we are recognized for the personal touch we provide our clients to help them get through the legal red tape as quickly as possible.

Alimony & Child Support: According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, alimony is defined as: “Money that a court orders someone to pay regularly to a former wife or husband after a divorce.” http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/alimony

Keep in mind that is just a general definition. Every state has its own specific laws regarding alimony, and the State of Michigan is no different. Our legal team keeps current on all our state’s legal rules, laws, changes, and updates so you don’t have to worry about doing so. We have every legal resource available at our fingertips.

Like alimony, child support is another subject that is best decided by an unbiased, third party. You may have the best intentions of working something out on your own, however, the wisest decision you can make is to call Downriver Lawyer. We will research all of the pertinent financial information and come up with a reasonable plan for all involved.

No need to panic

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