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Social Security attorney Downriver, Michigan



Cracking the code to winning your Social Security case probably seems about as easy as winning the lottery.  According to the federal government’s commercials and Internet advertising, filing a Social Security claim is easy to do on your own.  That’s what they want you to believe, but in reality, if you don’t have the support of a reputable law firm behind you, you’ll probably spend months, if not years, just spinning your wheels.  Whether you’re applying for SSI or SSD benefits, the results are usually the same:  claim denied.  If you aren’t “in the know” about the hundreds of laws that apply to Social Security benefits, you will have an extremely difficult time processing your claim.  Even after you’ve filled out mountains of paperwork and submitted all the proofs you think you need, you still wind up right back where you started.  Since many times SSI or SSD benefits may be the only income for some during difficult times, it is critical to make sure your case is handled properly by legal experts.  If you live in Downriver, Michigan, the only place to call is Downriver Lawyer.  We specialize in filing and winning Social Security cases.  We’re the best at what we do – we won’t even take a case we don’t think we can win.  Plus, you don’t have to fork out a penny until your case is settled.  How’s that for peace of mind?

Been denied SSI or SSD benefits?  Not anymore

If you’ve been denied once, twice, or even three times by the Social Security Administration, enough is enough.  You’re probably tired of receiving endless letters and emails explaining why some loophole you weren’t aware of is preventing you from winning your case.  Once you’ve called Downriver Lawyer, our team of attorneys will meet with you one-on-one to gather all the pertinent information necessary to move your case forward quickly.  Our legal experts are armed with more than 20 years of experience filing SSI and SSD claims.  We have access to the latest changes in Social Security law as well as resources the average individual can’t find without a law degree.  We’re recognized for turning a denial into an approval, in less time than you’d think.  We get right to work on your case to ensure you will receive your benefits as soon as possible.

What’s the difference between SSI and SSD?

A lot of people are confused about these categories of benefits.  Here’s a simplified definition:

SSI or Social Security Income is a federally funded supplemental income program for the elderly, blind, or disabled to help pay for basic food, shelter, and clothing needs.

SSD or Social Security Disability is a federal program that assists individuals with disabilities who qualify for insurance benefits based on the amount of Social Security earnings they’ve accumulated.

Both programs have complex application processes many people can’t seem to navigate through.  These days, most applications are processed online, so if you’re not computer savvy, you are also at a disadvantage.   If you live in Downriver, MI and are in need of SSI and SSD benefits to help support you and/or your family, you will have a definite advantage with Downriver Lawyer on your side. Contact our legal team at 734-619-1237 to schedule your free Social Security benefits consultation. To learn more, visit www.downriverlawyer.com.

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