Health Care Law

Keeping up our health is a duty; otherwise, we are unable to keep our mind strong and clear.

If you are a healthcare professional who contributes to this important message, we at Downriver Lawyer are here to preserve your visions and concept of health.

Our team of seasoned attorneys has years of experience working with healthcare professionals in both meeting their visions and goals in their practices, and in protecting their livelihood.

If you are a healthcare professional who is ready to take the next step in your career in establishing your own practice, you have turned to the right team of lawyers. Our firm has been recognized for years as the leading healthcare law specialists in Michigan. We pride ourselves on supporting our healthcare professional-entrepreneurs and ensuring that they meet their career goals. We provide services in an array of areas including the following:

  • Incorporation of your medical practice
  • New Entity organization
  • Trademark registrations
  • Malpractice defense
  • Defense against the various Michigan Board of medical practitioners (Dental Board, Medical Board, Veterinarian Board, Pharmaceutical Board)
  • Contract negotiations for rental of equipment
  • Contract negotiations for rental/purchase of premises
  • Medical Insurance Claims filed by patients
  • Third-party reimbursements
  • HIPPA Compliance

As you know, the greatest area of commitment as a healthcare professional is that of HIPPA compliance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), sets the standard within the healthcare industry in protecting sensitive and confidential medical data from being distributed or used. With the help and guidance of our attorneys, you will never find yourself on the side of a violation. We ensure that you and your team remain compliant within these strict guidelines.

We have a team of seasoned attorneys at Downriver Lawyer who want to be part of your team. We stand out amongst other attorneys in Michigan, since we have been labeled as “not your typical attorneys”. We see the success of your practice as our own. That is because we want our medical professional to focus on their expertise; “medicine”.

Our team works with our professional clients to ensure that we provide the precise and most efficient strategy to get you from “A-Z” and everything in between. Our goals are simple: 1) to always be available and accessible to our healthcare professionals; 2) to always provide clear options, and 3) to make it all affordable.

We understand that medical professionals have legal concerns that if gone undetected or un-tackled, can result in the loss of their professional license. That is why we provide a transparent up-front evaluation of any malpractice claims that you may be faced with, and mitigate the effects and costs to you. Working together and quickly has awarded us the success that we take pride in. We believe in providing our services at a fair price, so to alleviate any further financial costs to our professionals.

You have invested years of education, time, and money in providing services that keeps our community healthy. Downriver Lawyer believes that you deserve the same commitment and protection so as to keep your mind strong and clear to continue serving our community.