Corporate and Business Law

If you are an existing business owner, large corporation, or an entrepreneur just starting out, you are aware of the challenges you face with initial business decisions and day-to-day business choices. If you find yourself challenged with a business decision and need a speedy and comprehensive solution, look no further than Downriver Lawyer.   Our lawyers are efficient, responsive, and transactional-focused. We have relied on these strategies to earn our reputation as having the hardest-working, zealous attorneys in Taylor, Michigan who provide legal services with the utmost integrity. Our team represents entrepreneur business owners, start-ups, large corporations, and small-businesses. We pride ourselves on being able to help tomorrow’s leaders gain a strong footing in our own community.

As an entrepreneur, you may not be fully versed in the best business practices to smoothly and cost-effectively start your dream business. First, you need to consider what formation you need to choose in starting your business or corporation. Once that has been decided, you will next need to determine where to incorporate your corporation or business.

For most entities it makes the best sense to incorporate their business in the state of Michigan. However, did you know that even though you will be physically running a business or corporation in Michigan, that you may be eligible to incorporate in the state of Delaware? While this may seem like a foreign concept, our attorneys will provide you with the many reasons and benefits of incorporation your entity in a foreign state such as Delaware. More than half a million companies are incorporated in Delaware, the business-friendly state, which provides the most flexible and modern approach to corporate law.   An in-depth consultation with one of our experts at Downriver Lawyer will help you determine if this is a viable choice for your entity.

Our legal team will get you up on speed with practical business information that all business owners need to be successful and will provide you with all opportunities and steps you need to take to avoid future legal repercussions.

Our firm focuses on transactional work, litigation, and arbitration and mediation. Some of the areas that we provide our legal expertise in are as follows:

  • Organization and counseling of Businesses formations including, Incorporation, Limited Liability Companies, Professional Corporations, or Partnerships
  • Start-Ups
  • Loans and financing for your business
  • Representing shareholders, partners, directors, and corporate members in negotiation, management, and dissolution rights
  • Providing strategic business planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Contract disputes
  • Contract drafting of partnership agreements, stock options, distribution rights, selling rights, and joint-venture agreements
  • Taxation counseling in determining best formation of business entities
  • Insurance requirements
  • Day-to-Day business management
  • Employment Issues
  • Buying/Sell Agreements

Our experienced team has also provided services in litigating matters of fraud and misrepresentation, small claims and business disputes, and breached of fiduciary duties of company directors.   We believe that you should focus on “running” the business while we ensure that you are legally protected.   Our goal in assisting you in your business matters is to find ways for your to save as much money as possible during the operation of your business, while also ensuring that you are staying compliant with all legal requirements, and not getting involved in unenforceable or unfair contracts.

No company or business is too small to obtain legal advice; we believe that in order for you to be successful in your business or management of a business, knowledge is key. That is what our team at Downriver Lawyer provides; reliable efficient and responsible legal advice to point you towards a path of success.