Contract Law

Contracts are the cornerstones of every business deal, whether between businesses and consumers or on a personal level. They are legally binding agreements­ made between two or more parties where there is an offer and acceptance of services or goods to be provided, or even with the rental of real property.

Unfortunately, sometimes one party is unable to follow through with their end of the bargain and they break the contract, which in turn causes hardship to the receiving party; this is called a “breach of contract”. That is when legal remedies set in; in order to put the contracting party back to whole.

If you are an owner of a business or an individual who has found yourself involved in an agreement with another party in issues as small as the sale of a personal property or contracting for service such as gardening or maintenance of your real property, or even the receipt of goods, and feel that there has been a breach in the agreement, you need to contact Downriver Lawyer. On the other hand, if you are interested in contracting the services of another individual, or in providing services to another party, our seasoned attorneys bring with them years of expertise in contract law to help you draft a bullet-proof contract to protect you should there be any future breach.

Our skilled team of attorneys also provides services in negotiating and drafting consumer contracts. Before proceeding with the draft of a contract, our lawyers sit down and examine your concerns, needs and expectations and determine the risks involved, in order to properly negotiate the terms of the contract with all involved parties. The art of negotiation is a skilled area that we pride ourselves on at Downriver Lawyer. Once the contract is in place, you can rest assured that all parties are legally required to perform their mutual obligations. And should one party falter, you can rest assured that our lawyers have you protected in the area of legal remedies and damages.

If you find yourself on one end of a contract and you are unable to meet your burden of performance, our lawyers will also be able to mitigate the damages and remedies that you may be held responsible for. Our reputation for settlement and mediation of contractual matters is what puts our team of lawyers above all other in the state of Michigan. We have a high success rate in protecting our clients whether you find yourself in a breached contract or you are the breaching party. Our deep knowledge of contract law sets us apart in being able to easily adapt to the needs of our clients and providing them with full and extensive protection.

In determining remedies and damages in a breach of contract case, our lawyers first analyze whether there was a “material” or “non-material” breach involved. A “material breach” of contract is one where the damage is so deep that the contract is “irreparably broken” and you will be entitled to damages and compensated for your loss. On the other hand, a “non-material breach” is one in which the breach may be minor and you still have rights to have the breaching party repair the breach or perform the services sought. In this respect, our expert attorneys will negotiate new terms and ensure that you are receiving what you had been promised.

Finally there are some contracts that are simply unenforceable and the contracting party has acted in “bad faith”. If you find yourself in such a situation, contact Downriver Lawyer immediately to reduce the amount of loss that you will suffer as a result.

Promises are the keystone of contracts, and you deserve to receive what you were promised.