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Real Estate Contracts and Closing Attorneys Downriver, MI

Real Estate Contracts and Closing Attorneys Downriver, MI



Downriver Lawyer is conveniently located in Taylor, Michigan where it can conveniently service the commercial and residential real estate contract law needs of Wayne and Monroe counties.  Our attorneys and staff are dedicated and experienced at providing clients with specialized and expert advice in a timely, efficient and professional manner all at an affordable price.  The success of our clients is a priority.  This is why Downriver Lawyer has come to be Downriver, Michigan’s premier law firm with an upstanding reputation.


Whether you are purchasing or selling commercial or residential real estate through an agent or on your own, Downriver Lawyer will enact proper safeguards to protect your investment.  From simple residential to complex commercial real estate transactions, our team of attorneys handle every aspect of the closing, including preparing and reviewing contracts, reviewing title searches and negotiating inspection obligations.  We also handle real estate contract law as it relates to the following:


–          Deeds

–          For-Sale-By-Owner Contract

–          Loan Modifications

–          Refinancing

–          Reverse Mortgages

–          Title Problems

–          Short Sales

–          Construction Draws

–          Foreclosures


This is only a few of the many real estate contract law matters we handle with our vast knowledge and experience at Downriver Lawyer.  In addition, we know that dealing with the government on the City, State and Federal level can be daunting when your property rights are in question.  At Downriver Lawyer, we relieve you of this burden.  Real estate contract law attorneys understand property owners’ rights.


At Downriver Lawyer, we receive frequent questions:


Why should I use an attorney?

Attorneys will protect your legal rights and are ready and able to deal with unexpected legal issues that


What could delay my closing?

Downriver Lawyer attorneys specializing in real estate contract law are familiar and simply experienced in

working with banks both locally and out of state.  As closing attorneys in your real estate transaction, we

facilitate and minimize delays in the closing process.


What are some real estate terms I may encounter?

Deed, Deed of Trust, Joint Tenancy, Tenants in Common, Title Search …. and the list goes on.  Our real

estate lawyers will make sure you understand and are knowledgeable about everything that affects your


Please contact Downriver Lawyer today at 734-619-1237 or contact us through our website at when you need legal advice relative to your upcoming or current real estate contract or closing.  Our geographic reach in Downriver, Michigan is broad, covering all of Wayne and Monroe counties.  No real estate issue is too simple or complex.  Contact Downriver Lawyer today!!










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