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Do you need a Power of Attorney in Downriver, Michigan?

Do you need a Power of Attorney in Downriver, Michigan?

Sometimes there are certain documents or designations we need in our lives we have never needed before.  One such designation is a Power of Attorney.  A Power of Attorney is a special legal authorization given to an individual who has been granted the authority to act on someone’s behalf.  In some cases, you may be seeking a Power of Attorney to make important decisions for you if you foresee a time when you may not be able to (such as be admitted to a hospital for an extended period of time), or a loved one that has been deemed emotionally or physical incapable of doing so themselves.  By choosing a Power of Attorney, you are selecting a person to represent you in all types of situations involving cases pertaining to decisions related to healthcare, banking, and other key areas.  Due to the critical nature of the responsibilities given to such a designee, it is imperative to become educated on what steps you need to take to ensure you find the right person to fill this role.

Specialized legal designations require expertise

You may do a search for a DIY Power of Attorney online in an attempt to save money and time, however, that strategy may backfire.  There are several stipulations that must be met in order for this designation to be legal in a court of law.  Here are some important facts you should know:

Q.  What kinds of things is a Power of Attorney authorized to do?

A.  Depending on the written agreement, the designee can write checks, approve expenses, handle financial transactions including taxes, negotiate with creditors, consent to medical treatment of procedures you may undergo, confer with medical staff, and other duties as outlined.

Q.  How can I be assured my Power of Attorney document is official?

A.  The best way to do so is by hiring a law firm that specializes in drafting Power of Attorney agreements.  At Downriver Lawyer, our attorneys have decades of experience writing, executing, and enforcing these important documents.  We make sure the agreement is signed by all parties involved, that it is notarized and completely valid, and that it stipulates every pertinent detail including listing a time frame, if applicable.

 Q.  Why do I need an attorney to help me with a Power of Attorney?

A.   As an objective, third party, our team of attorneys at Downriver Lawyer have executed hundreds of official legal documents.  If you choose us to represent you, we will guide you through this complex process and protect you from individuals or companies that may try to prey on you during a vulnerable time in your life.  We guarantee we will provide you with the most confidential, professional services available, at an affordable cost.

Knowledge is power

If you live Downriver and need more information on Powers of Attorney, visit

At Downriver Lawyer, we believe in educating our clients, not just representing them.  We want to be there for you every step of the way.  Over the years, we have earned a reputation for being diligent, thorough, and compassionate.  We understand you may be going through a difficult time if you need a Power of Attorney, and we are here for you.  Give us a call at 734-619-1237 to set up a free consultation.  To learn more about all of the legal services we offer, visit our website at

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