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Michigan Worker’s Compensation Insider-Downriver Lawyer, MI


So you woke up this morning in a great mood and ready to ­­­­take the bulls by horn at work.  You eat your hearty breakfast, kiss your significant other goodbye and head off to work for another 8-10 hour day.  Surprisingly the day goes by quickly and you’re counting down the minutes before you can leave to head back home and spend some time with your family or friends.  But all of a sudden, something goes wrong.  That piece of machinery you were working with goes whacky on you, or the crate that you were packing gives way and you find yourself seriously injured.  You’re in tremendous pain but all you can think about is “what now?”

There are a million thoughts racing through your head.  “Who is going to cover the medical care I will need?” Since you may need to miss work to receive medical treatment, are you still going to get paid at work?  If not, who is going to pay your bills? “Is my employer required to pay in any way?”

These are all great questions and ones that you really need to become aware of to protect your rights after suffering a work-related injury or illness. The lawyers at Downriver Lawyer in Michigan are your number one source for information if you find yourself lying on your back in pain from an injury or illness.

Downriver Lawyer will introduce you to the concept of Worker’s Compensation, or better known as Workman’s Comp.  What is this, you ask.  Worker’s Compensation is a state-mandated insurance program that is specifically designed to compensate employees who have suffered an on-the-job injury or illness.  The silver lining you ask?  Your employer pays the insurance, not you!

What do you do after being injured?

Michigan Worker’s Compensation attorneys at Downriver Lawyer provide you with three simple steps to follow after having suffered an injury or an illness on the job site.  While it seems overwhelming, with the guidance of the experienced lawyers at Downriver Lawyer, you will quickly and smoothly protect your rights to compensation benefits.

  1. Notify your employer of your injury/illness.  Do this as quickly as possible and closest to the date of injury.  Also make sure that there is written notification or even a report documenting all of the facts of your injury or illness.  Waiting to notify your employer may minimize your worker’s compensation benefits substantially.  Michigan law mandates that you report this injury within 90 days of the date of injury.
  1. Make a claim for Worker’s Compensation.  Michigan law is very clear on the time period you have to file a claim against your employer.  You must file your claim within 2 years of the date of injury.  Complete this by doing it in writing and always keep a copy for yourself.  It would be a good idea to even request a claim number of the incident from your employer’s insurance company.
  1. Hire an experienced Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in MI.  Remember, there are deadlines and technicalities which you may not be aware of that can seriously compromise your case. Not hiring an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can jeopardize your matter.  You need a quick acting, detail-oriented lawyer on your side that also has a team of investigators and doctors, which work together to ensure you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled.  Get a consultation with your Downriver Lawyer regarding what do next after you have been injured.

Don’t compromise your worker’s compensation benefits just because you don’t understand the law.  Insurance companies work with your employer to complete a thorough investigation to minimize your benefits.  So make sure you have an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer on your side to level the playing field.

Do you qualify for Worker’s Compensation under Michigan Law?

First and foremost, you need to be a formal “employee” of your company in order to qualify for benefits under worker’s compensation laws.  Keep in mind that if your company has classified you as an “independent contractor” or made you sign some sort of agreement to limit your employee status, you are not entitled to these benefits.

Secondly, if you’ve been injured or fallen ill at work in the course and scope of your employment duties, Michigan Worker’s Compensation laws cover you.  Most injuries are covered, but make sure you discuss yours with your Downriver Lawyer.  Sometimes even an old injury or illness may warrant compensation.

To benefit from future lost wages under Michigan law, you have to demonstrate that your work-related injury is the cause of a reduction of your maximum wage-earning capacity.  Your Downriver Lawyer team will have the resource and expert professionals to make this determination and prove this fact.

Finally, any reasonable and necessary medical treatment that may be required in nursing you back to health is covered once you qualify.  Again, discuss this with your attorney so together you can choose the best doctor for your treatments.

Benefits covered under Worker’s Compensation

Finally, you’re wondering how exactly you can benefit from Michigan’s Worker’s Compensation laws.

  1. Lost Wages.  The team of experts and attorneys at Downriver Lawyer are there to help you collect future lost wages to cover all of your bills while you focus on getting better.  You will receive advice on how to get paid at your maximum earnings while you are on leave from work.
  2. Medical Care.  This is perhaps the most important benefit provided under Michigan Worker’s Compensation laws.  Your employer or its worker’s compensation insurance is responsible for paying all of your reasonable and necessary medical treatments, even if it is needed for life.  It covers doctor visits, surgeries, hospital stays, prescriptions, and even rehabilitation and therapy programs.
  1. Vocational Rehabilitation.  If you can’t return to your previous job as a result of your injury, vocational rehabilitation benefits will train you for work in another field or even pay for your educational expenses through tuition reimbursement or job training to get you back to work.

How can a Lawyer in MI help you?

What can you expect from a lawyer in this situation?  Well at Downriver Lawyer you can first expect a detailed and thorough investigation of your injury or illness with your consultation from an experienced lawyer that knows all the tricks of the trade and any questionable practices that insurance companies use to minimize your benefits.  You can also expect an affordable legal representation while receiving maximum benefits.

Lawyers at Downriver Lawyer will ensure that you are receiving your full benefits, and at the highest rate you are entitled to, without any compromise.  They will guide you on what to expect and they will take care of all of the technicalities while you focus on recovery.  Remember, your employer has a team of experts on their side.  Shouldn’t you?

For more information and to obtain a consultation on a Worker’s Compensation claim, visit www.downriverlawyer.com or call them at 734-619-1237 or info@downriverlawyer.com.



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