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Medical marijuana Downriver Michigan

Medical marijuana Downriver Michigan

In 2008, voters in Michigan passed the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, which protects qualifying caregivers and patients from arrest and prosecution. Caregivers and patients have to go through a rigorous process to obtain a registry identification card proving they are eligible to administer or utilize marijuana for health improvement or medical reasons in our state. If you live in Downiver, Michigan and have been wrongly arrested for legitimate medical marijuana use, you need immediate representation from Downriver Lawyers. Our expert attorneys specialize in handling and winning medical marijuana rights cases. Just because you’ve been accused of such a charge, doesn’t mean it’s justifiable. Our government, police officers, and judges can make mistakes by illegally prosecuting qualified patients and caregivers that have every right to possess and consume medical marijuana. The law is on your side. There’s a reason Michigan voters decided to pass this law, as the majority felt in cases of health the use of medical marijuana is beneficial and advantageous. If you have a serious health issue such as chronic migraines or cancer, you cannot be denied the use of this herbal treatment to help alleviate your symptoms or pain. Downriver Lawyers can help you reverse your wrongful prosecution and potentially win a damage award for your inconvenience, tarnished reputation, as well as any emotional or financial distress you may have experienced.

Very few law firms in Downriver, Michigan have the skills, resources, and expertise it takes to successfully defend medical marijuana lawsuits. Downriver Lawyers has a team of legal professionals ready and waiting to represent you in a court of law and demonstrate why you’ve been wrongly accused. We have access to an adjunct team of legal advisors in many different specialty fields including healthcare, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. The legal team at Downriver Lawyers has successfully defended many medical marijuana cases.

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act is very specific, as it outlines what the definition is for those who are in need, how they can qualify, and what their rights are. As you know, laws can change quickly, and our knowledgeable attorneys are always on top of the latest changes that may affect your case’s outcome. If you try to defend yourself, you are at a disadvantage. Since you are not licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan, you don’t have access to the latest news bulletins, case law, experts, and legal online databases. By calling our adept legal professionals, you are entrusting your faith in a firm that has more than 20 years of experience on its side. If you’re a business owner that has been granted permission to legal sell these substances, and have been threatened with closure, a lawsuit, fine, or penalty, we can help make things right. When you own a business, part of your profitability rests within your reputation, so if you are being accused of an illegal practice, this will likely cost you significant business in the future.  If you need legal business advice, we can help you obtain the proper approvals needed to ensure your business is totally legitimate and law abiding. In addition to providing representation regarding medical marijuana, we also specialize in offering legal guidance and protection in many other areas such as bankruptcy, contract law, Social Security benefits, real estate law, elder law, criminal law, healthcare law, personal injuries, corporate and business law, and mesothelioma. We handle virtually any kind of civil or criminal case you may have.  No case is too small or too complex for our exceptionally talented legal team. If you need immediate legal assistance, advice, or representation and you live in Downriver, Michigan, call us today at 1-734-619-1237 for your free consultation. To find out more about our wide range of legal services, visit our website at Be our friend on Facebook and follow us to Twitter to keep current with all the latest legal news in your city.


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