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Downriver Lawyer is a full-service law firm located in Brownstown, Michigan where they believe the success they bring to their clients’ determines their own success.  Our attorneys handle each matter with the belief that they can bring a positive, good-faith result to their clients’ outcome.  The reputation of Downriver Lawyer as Brownstown Michigan’s #1 law firm continues year after year

Downriver Lawyer serves Brownstown as well as the neighboring Downriver, Michigan communities.  Our attorneys are all publicly listed and registered with the Michigan Bar Association  We are confident our team of attorneys can handle any and all of your legal matters.  At Downriver Lawyer, we believe that quality, comprehensive legal solutions should be affordable as well.  Some of the areas of law we provide are:

Contract Law

Contract law can be anything from buying or selling a house, car, a business to legal paperwork of a divorce settlement, child custody terms and provisions, estate and trust documents are also important areas of contract law.


Some areas of law are of a very personal nature such as a divorce.  Our team of attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable of divorce law in the State of Michigan, and are sensitive to the issues that arise and need to be addressed during a divorce such as alimony, property distribution and child support.

Family and Elder Law

At Downriver Lawyer, we are ready to assist with legal issues that arise of a child custody nature, paternity, domestic violence as well as issues of law that affect maturing family members known as Elder Law.  Elder law includes matters of long-term care of an aging family member, nursing home care issues as well as trust and estate matters.

Criminal Law and Civil Litigation

Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable about drunk driving defense, traffic violations, fraud, retail theft and assault and battery type matters to name but a few of the legal areas of a criminal and civil nature.

These are but a few of the many areas of law attorneys at Downriver Lawyer consult in on a regular basis.  Our focus is on providing quality legal services to our clients in a wide range of practice areas.  Downriver Lawyer is Brownstown Michigan’s premier law firm for all legal matters.  Review our website for further detail and to locate the area of expertise you require at

A consultation with an expert at Downriver Lawyer is only a phone call away 734-619-1237.  We pride ourselves in having a successful, winning team of attorneys who react in a timely, efficient manner at an affordable price.   Let us put your mind at ease.  Contact our office in Brownstown, Michigan today!

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