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Downriver, MI Personal Injury Lawyer

Downriver, MI Personal Injury Lawyer

Sometimes you can follow all the rules in life and do everything according to plan, but bad things can still happen to you. Take car accidents, for example. Maybe you’ve never had a speeding ticket, or even a parking ticket for that matter, but that still doesn’t prevent you from being a potential automobile accident victim. There you are, driving along, observing traffic lights and keeping a safe distance between you and the rest of the drivers on the road, when it happens – BAM!! A careless driver hits you out of nowhere, and your mindset goes from calm to frazzled in a matter of seconds. Through no fault of your own, suddenly you are faced with potential injuries to yourself and possibly passengers, as well as damage to your vehicle. In times like this, you need to have someone to turn to who is knowledgeable about the law and your rights as a driver.

The dust has settled, now what?

 After the initial shock of a car accident has set in, the next logical phase is to ask for and get help, in the form of a police officer, ambulance, friend, or family member. You may be required to answer tough questions or make difficult decisions despite the fact that you are probably not thinking all that clearly. That is why it is so important to contact a lawyer following a car accident.   Legal experts, such as those at Downriver Lawyer, have decades of experience handling lawsuits involving motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

Who is at fault, and what is negligence?

The legal team at Downriver Lawyer specializes in investigating all facets of car accidents, including determining who is at fault and if negligence occurred. According to Wikipedia, “Negligence” is defined as: “A failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances. Through civil litigation, if an injured person proves that another person acted negligently to cause their injury, they can recover damages to compensate for their harm.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negligence

Unless you have years of experience arguing cases in courtrooms, researching and quoting case law and statutes, requesting critical medical and law enforcement documentation, you need an expert’s advice and assistance.   The legal experts at Downriver Lawyer have an arsenal of legal resources and assets at their disposal in order to properly, quickly, and legally investigate your automobile accident case and determine critical facts pertaining to fault and negligence.

Benefits of calling an experienced law firm

 At Downriver Lawyer, this isn’t their first “rodeo.” Their legal team has more than 20 years of combined experience with demonstrated expertise in the areas of motor vehicle accidents and negligence cases. As soon as you contact them, you can relax – you are covered. They will take care of all the details and legwork needed to thoroughly investigate your case and represent you in a court of law. Here are just a few advantages of calling Downriver Lawyer:

  • Cross-industry experts – When you call Downriver Lawyer, you are not only benefitting from years of legal experience, you will also have the opportunity to interface with industry experts in specialties such as engineering, product development, physicians, and private investigators. This multifaceted approach to client management is a win-win for both clients and the law firm, because your case will be that much stronger when it is being supported by experts in their particular field.
  • No fees unless they win your case – All cases at Downriver Lawyer are taken in a contingency basis, meaning no legal fees are collected unless your case has a favorable outcome and settlement.
  • Rapid response and immediate representation – Once you have called Downriver Lawyer, the wheels of justice are immediately set into motion. Their legal team will visit you in the hospital or your home in order to expedite your case, help you exercise you legal rights, and receive the compensation you deserve.

For a more detailed explanation of the types of personal injury cases handled at Downriver Lawyer, visit https://downriverlawyer.com/services/personal-injuries/.

If you live anywhere in the Downriver area and you have been the victim of a serious automobile accident, you deserve the best representation in town, and that is the law firm of Downriver Lawyer. To schedule an appointment, call 1-734-619-1237, visit their website at https://downriverlawyer.com, Like” their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.

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