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Downriver, MI Expert Injury Lawyer

Downriver, MI Expert Injury Lawyer

Maybe you’ve suffered a car accident, a slip or fall, or an injury due to the fault of another party and your medical bills are soaring through the roof.  If you find yourself in this situation, and feel like you have no one to turn to, look no further than our team of injury lawyers in Downriver, MI to come to your rescue.

Our expert injury attorneys in Downriver, Michigan offer years of expertise in litigating and settling cases for our clients to ease and lessen the costly consequences of an accident suffered at no fault of your own.  Why should you be held responsible for something that you didn’t cause?  Our attorneys will hold the responsible party accountable for your distress.

At Downriver Lawyer we provide relief in seeking money damages to reduce the costs of your medical bills, pain and suffering, or any loss or damage that you may have suffered to your property.

We have specialized lawyers in all injury areas, the most common incidents being:

  • Slip & Falls
  • Product Liability
  • Mesothelioma

It’s hard to avoid a slip and fall, but when it happens as a result of another person’s error or failure to warn adequately, you are entitled to damages for the pain and hurt that you have endured.  That even includes businesses which fail to warn you the simplest of cautions, such as “Wet Floor”.

Weather conditions here in Michigan play a large role in personal injury claims too when the right measures aren’t taken by the appropriate party.  Did you know that property owners and even the government are responsible for maintaining a safe and hazard-free environment to avoid injury to the public?

But maybe you have suffered damage or harm as a result of a non-functioning or inadequate product that you have purchased.  So who would be liable then?  Take for example, General Motors (GM) having recalled 2.7 million cars as a result of faulty ignitions and other mechanical problems.  But what if the injury occurred prior to the recall?

If you find yourself in that situation, a consultation with an injury attorney at Downriver Lawyer will prove effective in providing you with a remedy for the damages your have suffered.  We are the top injury attorneys in Downriver, Michigan in tackling the most complicated to the least complicated cases.  Remember, any product your purchase, even a car, should function adequately or the seller/manufacturer is liable to you.  Don’t settle for less.

Finally, if you or a loved one have worked in any factories here in Michigan, dealt with lead paint, or were even enlisted in the navy or worked in navy yards, and you are now experiencing medical conditions such as Mesothelioma, call your trusted injury lawyers in Downriver, MI to get a consultation on the money damages that you are owed.  It’s easy; just visit us at www.downriverlawyer.com/services/personal-injuries


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