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Disability Programs and Social Security (SSI & SSD) in Downriver, Michigan

Disability Programs and Social Security (SSI & SSD) in Downriver, Michigan

If you have become disabled on the job or from any other reason, you may be wondering how far your savings is going to go for you and your family. If you are awarded worker’s compensation, this may be only for a limited time, during which time your disability may become permanent. Worse yet, if you have no savings, then you’re wondering how you are going to be able to pay for any medical treatment that you may need in addition to your family’s expenses. That is where Social Security benefits come into play, whether you qualify for Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) or Social Security Disability Insurance (“SDD”). Either way, our attorneys in Downriver Michigan are here to evaluate your and qualify you for the benefit that you are eligible for.

The first requirement to determine is whether you meet the federal definition of “disability” as defined by the Social Security Administration. According to Social Security, “disability” is strictly defined as your inability to work IF:

• “You cannot do work that you did before;
• We decide that you cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition(s); and
• Your disability has lasted or is expected to last at least one year or to result in death.”

This is a strict definition that requires careful analysis. Our Michigan attorneys at Downriver Lawyer have years of experience analyzing and qualifying disabled individuals that meet this definition. Together we will conclude whether your disability is one that is short-term and easily maintained through worker’s compensation, health insurance or your savings, or if it is long-term, permanent or terminal that will allow you to qualify for either one of these federal programs.

What Downriver Lawyer will do for you:

• First, we make a determination of “how severe” your disability is. We work with a team of doctors or your doctor to determine the level of disability involved and the degree to which your disability interferes with working.

• Second, we determine whether your condition is one that is provided for in the list of disabling medical conditions outlined by the Social Security Administration to meet the definition of disability.

Thirdly, we compare how your current condition affects your ability to perform your previous job duties versus when you were without such an ailment.

• Finally, we decide if your current condition is suited to other work and the degree in which your condition affects any other job functions that may be required of you.

Once all determination have been made, we then analyze the level for which you will qualify, SSI v. SSD.

SSD is a program that provides you and certain family members with economic support and benefits if you have worked for the requisite time and have paid into the Social Security taxes.

On the other hand, SSI pays benefits to adults and children who qualify as being disabled who have limited income and resources. Oftentimes children with severe medical conditions such as severe autism, mental disability, cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities can qualify to receive benefits so that your family can always provide for the treatment and necessities of your child or adult family member.

Remember…dealing with this federal agency is no walk in the park. Aside from the many strict requirements, there are strict deadlines as well as collection of medical documentation and other evidence and finally an interview.

Being disabled and distressed is enough to have to deal with. That is why our SSI Attorneys let you take a back seat while we gather, prepare and present your case to the Social Security Agency. Failing to provide the necessary documentation and medical reports will be enough for the agency to pass you over, leaving you without many options. Don’t let this happen to you. Downriver Lawyer has a team of expert lawyers, paralegals and doctors that work cohesively to ensure that all deadlines are met and documents are provided.

Determining your eligibility is only half the battle. You will be swamped with paperwork, submissions and questionnaires if you try to handle this on your own.

We will even prepare you for the interview that you will have to attend so that you can readily provide the information that is being asked. You shouldn’t be left in the dark with his; especially after so many years of employment and your payment into the Social Security system. They owe it to you to give you financial support while you are disabled.

No one ever thinks they will become disabled. But what happens if you do? Who is going to make sure that your condition is met with the same level of loyalty that you have provided at your employment and payments into the social security system. Downriver Lawyer is your trusted team of lawyers in MI. Our results have brought years of comfort and serenity to hundreds of individuals who have suffered from disabling conditions that were not foreseen. If you find yourself or a family member in such a situation, consult with us today for an evaluation of your case and the possibility of gaining benefits through SSI and SSD. You can contact us directly at 734-619-1237 or via email at We look forward to having our team of experts work with you to get you the care and benefits that you need.

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