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During the lifespan of a business, it will be necessary to secure the services of an experienced, trusted team of attorneys that can provide counsel, transactional representation and even litigation services if necessary. More specifically, you will need a business law attorney.

Business law attorneys represent corporations, partnerships, entrepreneurs and family owned businesses. Some attorneys specialize in large, publicly owned companies while others concentrate on the smaller, non-publicly owned businesses.

At Downriver Lawyer, we focus on providing efficient, effective service at the lowest possible cost. We have been serving the cities and communities located in Downriver, Michigan for more than 20 years. We have an outstanding reputation for not only meeting but exceeding our clients’ needs in all areas of business law. Our services range from:

• Initial Planning Stages of a New Business
• Formation and Legal Organization
• Dissolution, Reorganization, Merger, Acquisition or Sale of a Business
• Ongoing Counsel for Business Matters
• And, Virtually Everything in Between …

Initial Planning Stages
There is a lot of planning and formalities that go into starting a new business. We assist our clients with the selection of the appropriate ‘business entity’. Is it more appropriate to be a Partnership or a Corporation?

Our business law attorneys are experienced and will guide you relative to the circumstances of your business dealings. They will counsel you from the very start and ensure that you are aware and knowledgeable about the various pros and cons of the particular entity types.

Formation and Legal Organization
You and any other relevant parties to your business will then be counseled through to the actual filing of legal documents that support your business entity status as required by State law. Your business will be off to a good start with proper guidance of one or more of our business law attorneys.

Our team of lawyers are all State of Michigan, Bar qualified. Our support group of legal assistants are also well trained and qualified to assist every step of the way. You will not find a more comprehensive group of legal professionals than those at Downriver Lawyer.

Dissolution, Reorganization, Merger, Acquisition or Sale of a Business
Our business law attorneys have experience in changes that may come about in your business entity situation. You may need to reorganize your business or perhaps the business is to be dissolved. With all changes in your business entity come requirements for alerting the State that you have changed.

We will prepare the proper documents necessary for filing as well as those that relieve you of responsibility or liability to members of the entity or to the public that you served. Again, an experienced, qualified business law attorney will assist you with these legal matters.

If the issue is an acquisition or sale of a business interest, we will collect the proper team of lawyers who can do the research and legwork necessary to ensure you are making good business decisions. Protecting you against future loss is important to us. Integrity and a job well done is the premise for our reputation year after year.

Ongoing Counsel for Business Matters
A well-run business needs the support of professionals such as lawyers, accountants and insurance professionals. As you conduct your business affairs, you may need advice or assistance. We are here to counsel you or connect and refer you to someone who can help you. We are available for you as needed. Just call us at 734-619-1237 or email us info@downriverlawyer.com.

If you prefer to connect us with other professionals such as accountants, bankers, investment advisors or insurance individuals, we will gladly participate. Collaborating with other business professionals is something we do daily and are very comfortable in doing.

To discuss the business law services available from Downriver Lawyer that can benefit you and your business immediately, contact us at 734-619-1237. We encourage you and your staff to visit our website for further information at https://www.downriverlawyer.com. We are Downriver Michigan’s preferred business law attorney source.

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