May 4

Divorce Attorney in Downriver, Michigan

Divorce Attorney in Downriver, Michigan

Family law issues are amongst the most complex areas of a law practice. They deal with family matters that are personal and sensitive. When the matter is divorce, professionalism with compassion and experience are important qualities for a divorce attorney and their staff to possess.

As divorce attorneys in downriver, Michigan for more than 20 years, we can provide the care your personal matters need as well as the know how to manage your case with diligence and professionalism every step of the way. We are committed to achieving the best result possible.

Efficient and Effective Process

When a divorce is eminent, it is almost impossible for you to think of everything that should be done to result in caring for your needs now and into the future. At Downriver Lawyer, our reputation and experience give us the edge our clients have come to appreciate and expect. We are prepared to handle your divorce with ease and offer you the best possible experience under the circumstances.

We will do all the work necessary to move the legal process along and mitigate any unnecessary hardship to you or your family. There is no reason things cannot move along smoothly with a process that is clear and simply covers all basis. We have a well-trained, experienced staff of attorneys ready to give you the best advice to suit your situation.

Selecting the ‘Right’ Attorney

Selecting someone to represent your case may seem like a difficult task. At Downriver Lawyer, we represent individuals from all over southeast Michigan in their divorce. They come to us for the following qualities that we believe are basics for all areas of law.

  • Knowledge
  • Willingness to Litigate and Negotiate
  • Communication
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Creativity, and
  • Fee Structure

Knowledge and experience in the area of divorce law is imperative. Your attorney should be able to explain the divorce process to you with ease and a level of comfort. They should let you know what to expect every step of the way.

The lawyer should devote a substantial amount of their practice time to the area of family law. This will mean they have knowledge with the many family matters that can affect your divorce.

Willingness to negotiate and litigate to achieve a desired result is an important consideration. Filing documents and paperwork are procedures everyone must follow. Working to achieve a desired result is a quality over and above basic divorce procedure. An attorney that is comfortable to represent you as they would themself is an important quality.

Communication with you, our valued client, as well as the courts and members thereof is very important. Your concerns may be many initially. The lawyer that represents you must have the patience and desire to hear all of your thoughts and concerns.

There are many ways we communicate today such as email, text, calling and video conferencing. An attorney that incorporates today’s technology freely and willingly is important.

Integrity and honesty seem to be given qualities and characteristics. Sometimes there are things you will need to know that may not work to your favor. The right attorney will be upfront and clear with you at all times. Anyone can deliver good news; it is the bad news that must be provided timely as well.

Creativity and the ability to work through complex situations and issues require an attorney to think “outside the box”. This will prove to be a desirable quality in the divorce attorney in downriver, Michigan you choose.

The fee structure lawyers use come in many varieties. The standard hourly rate is the most common fee structure. A flat fee structure is sometimes employed. Regardless, you must be clear and in agreement before the process begins. This will minimize the opportunity for confusion during your divorce and minimize possible delays.

You have come to us in downriver, Michigan for a divorce attorney. At Downriver Lawyer, we have the qualities, experience and reputation that will make your divorce as smooth and quick as it can be. Call us at 734-619-1237 for an appointment today. We can also be reached through our website at

April 28


During the lifespan of a business, it will be necessary to secure the services of an experienced, trusted team of attorneys that can provide counsel, transactional representation and even litigation services if necessary. More specifically, you will need a business law attorney.

Business law attorneys represent corporations, partnerships, entrepreneurs and family owned businesses. Some attorneys specialize in large, publicly owned companies while others concentrate on the smaller, non-publicly owned businesses.

At Downriver Lawyer, we focus on providing efficient, effective service at the lowest possible cost. We have been serving the cities and communities located in Downriver, Michigan for more than 20 years. We have an outstanding reputation for not only meeting but exceeding our clients’ needs in all areas of business law. Our services range from:

• Initial Planning Stages of a New Business
• Formation and Legal Organization
• Dissolution, Reorganization, Merger, Acquisition or Sale of a Business
• Ongoing Counsel for Business Matters
• And, Virtually Everything in Between …

Initial Planning Stages
There is a lot of planning and formalities that go into starting a new business. We assist our clients with the selection of the appropriate ‘business entity’. Is it more appropriate to be a Partnership or a Corporation?

Our business law attorneys are experienced and will guide you relative to the circumstances of your business dealings. They will counsel you from the very start and ensure that you are aware and knowledgeable about the various pros and cons of the particular entity types.

Formation and Legal Organization
You and any other relevant parties to your business will then be counseled through to the actual filing of legal documents that support your business entity status as required by State law. Your business will be off to a good start with proper guidance of one or more of our business law attorneys.

Our team of lawyers are all State of Michigan, Bar qualified. Our support group of legal assistants are also well trained and qualified to assist every step of the way. You will not find a more comprehensive group of legal professionals than those at Downriver Lawyer.

Dissolution, Reorganization, Merger, Acquisition or Sale of a Business
Our business law attorneys have experience in changes that may come about in your business entity situation. You may need to reorganize your business or perhaps the business is to be dissolved. With all changes in your business entity come requirements for alerting the State that you have changed.

We will prepare the proper documents necessary for filing as well as those that relieve you of responsibility or liability to members of the entity or to the public that you served. Again, an experienced, qualified business law attorney will assist you with these legal matters.

If the issue is an acquisition or sale of a business interest, we will collect the proper team of lawyers who can do the research and legwork necessary to ensure you are making good business decisions. Protecting you against future loss is important to us. Integrity and a job well done is the premise for our reputation year after year.

Ongoing Counsel for Business Matters
A well-run business needs the support of professionals such as lawyers, accountants and insurance professionals. As you conduct your business affairs, you may need advice or assistance. We are here to counsel you or connect and refer you to someone who can help you. We are available for you as needed. Just call us at 734-619-1237 or email us

If you prefer to connect us with other professionals such as accountants, bankers, investment advisors or insurance individuals, we will gladly participate. Collaborating with other business professionals is something we do daily and are very comfortable in doing.

To discuss the business law services available from Downriver Lawyer that can benefit you and your business immediately, contact us at 734-619-1237. We encourage you and your staff to visit our website for further information at We are Downriver Michigan’s preferred business law attorney source.

March 1

Bankruptcy in Downriver, MI

For most people living in Downriver Michigan, money has never been too easy to come by.  Hard work, two person incomes, extra shifts and multiple jobs are often necessary.  But even with those extra hours, sometimes there’s just not enough money to cover ALL of life’s expenses.  The stress of managing too few dollars for too many bills on a day in, day out basis is overwhelming!  In fact, the number one marital problem is money management.  From healthcare bills and credit card debt, to car loans and child care payments; mortgages and refinancing, with reduced hours and downsizing, sometimes there’s nothing else to do but consider the relief offered by the Bankruptcy Court.  No one EVER wants to consider bankruptcy, however, the laws affording relief have been developed for good reason.  Both debtors and creditors are protected from losing even more money in the future.


Do you live in Allen Park and have excessive Credit card debt? Or are you working in Woodhaven with embarrassing wage garnishments?  Do your co-workers in Flat Rock know about the lawsuit threats, collection efforts and IRS levies?  And your neighbors in Grosse Ile – Do they see the repeated utility outages and know about the phone, internet and cable shutoffs from their kid’s visits to your home?  Or have the relatives in Taylor seen the foreclosure notices or watched as your recreation and vehicles been repossessed?  Maybe no one in Wyandotte knows about the harassing phone calls and letters, property liens, marital strife and constant stress, but you know about it all too well.  You live with it every day.  Bankruptcy can provide relief and may be your best option.


So what relief can filing for Bankruptcy offer?

The best thing about declaring bankruptcy is that it WILL put an end to threatening calls, stop tax liens and wage garnishments, and for a time, halt foreclosure or repossession proceedings.  That relief in itself is crucial to reducing your daily stress level and allowing you to better evaluate how to move forward financially.  Depending on how you file for bankruptcy relief, you may even be able to protect valuable property – such as your home and vehicles.


For individuals, there are two main options:

Chapter 7 relief allows for the liquidation of your assets and dismissal of your unsecured debt;

Chapter 13 relief gives you the opportunity to restructure your debt – so that you can pay off certain debts over time – typically 3 -5 years.  You can also better protect your key assets.  And provided you pay as per the terms established by the Bankruptcy Court, the remainder of your dischargeable debt is dismissed at the end of the restructure time period.

You may also have heard about Chapter’s 9 and 11, but as they only apply to companies or organizations – not individuals, they are not addressed in this article.

There’s a LOT of information available at which not only directs you to The Bankruptcy Judges Division’s Public Information Series for Bankruptcy Basic information, but also provides court-specific information for the United States Bankruptcy Court – Eastern Michigan Division.


How can you know what to do?  Consult with an expert.  Someone who understands exactly what situations are best served by filing for Bankruptcy; who knows precisely what will happen in a bankruptcy proceeding; someone who can properly advise you and lead you to a better future.  While you can appear and file by yourself, be aware that you may not be able to adequately represent your own interests.


“Individuals can file bankruptcy without an attorney, which is called filing pro se. However, seeking the advice of a qualified attorney is strongly recommended because bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal outcomes.” (emphasis added)


Contact Downriver Lawyer today!  Downriver Lawyer offers a free consultation, will review your debt to asset ratio and help you determine the best action to take today.  Get relief and don’t lose any more money unnecessarily.

September 12

Spousal Support/Alimony Downriver Lawyer, Michigan

Spousal support or more commonly referred to, as “alimony” in Michigan is a virtual labyrinth.  Unfortunately there is no clear-cut formula by which you or even a judge can determine the specific dollar amount to be awarded.  But instead, just to make things a bit more complicated, the court goes through a series of inquiries with each party to put the puzzle pieces together.

If you are thinking of divorcing your spouse or in the process of a divorce, spousal support payments will be high on your list of questions.  Talking to your Downriver Lawyer should be second on your list.

So how can you prepare yourself for what you will face in spousal support?  Will you owe support or be awarded support?

Don’t assume that as a husband you will be required to pay and as the wife you will simply receive.  While it is commonplace that the husband winds up paying a percentage of his income to his wife, depending on who the bread winner is, or who has a higher level of assets and higher income, the table can be turned.  Did you know that Madonna, Halle Berry, Janet Jackson and Brittany Spears pay spousal support to their ex-spouses?  And not to forget Elizabeth Taylor, who surprisingly did not go bankrupt based on the number of spousal supports she is required to pay to her lengthy list of ex-husbands.

Another myth is that you are required to be married for a specified period of time in order to receive spousal support in Michigan.  That is also untrue.

So what will the Judge use to determine the exact dollar amount?  Keep in mind that spousal support is determined on a case-by-case basis.  Michigan courts weigh the following factors in determining spousal support/alimony:

  • Age of the parties
  • Length of the marriage
  • The parties’ ability to work and type of work
  • History of past conduct within the relationship
  • Amount and source of the asset being awarded

Simple right?  Not necessarily.  At times, both parties work and contribute evenly within the relationship.  The source of income and assets are on an equal footing.  So will this determine the formula of such payment throughout the divorce?  No.

The Court system determines whether there is sufficient estate or income suitable for maintenance of either parties involved or their children, before they delve in to the calculations necessary to determine the monetary amount due.  Once the amount is determine, the Court also determines how the income will be paid, i.e. in one gross lump amount or over a period of time.

So, you wonder, what if circumstances change, as they always do in life.  What if I’m unable to continue to pay spousal support, or what if my spouse is unable to comply with the order due to future changed circumstances.

That is where the two levels of spousal support come into play:  modifiable vs. non-modifiable.

A consultation with a experienced family attorney in the field of divorce and spousal support will save you not only significant time in this query but money.  That is where Downriver Lawyer comes into the picture.

At Downriver Lawyer we are here to determine what you are entitled to, or what you will have to pay out of pocket.  We will get you prepared!
Our seasoned attorneys will explain to you the difference between modifiable and non-modifiable spousal support.  Typically most parties who agree to spousal support tend to agree to a non-modifiable agreement which will remain in force throughout the divorce.  This is a plus for those who are at a point in their lives where change in life-style or work is unlikely.  This allows parties to know what to expect in the future.  Once agreed upon, no changed circumstance will allow a modification of this agreement.

However, after assessing your living situation and the likelihood of future change in your life, we at Downriver Lawyer offer the option of a modifiable agreement, wherein the agreement can always be modified subsequent to a life change.  This allows for changes to be made in payments given a loss of a job or similar circumstance.

Which option is right for you?  Will you be the payee or the payer?  And what other factors exist in your lifestyle that should be considered?  Don’t leave these question up to your spouse or the court to determine.  Protect yourself in learning the factors required in making a determination for spousal support.  A consultation with your our Downriver Lawyer in Michigan will not only educate you on your rights before the court, but also will provide you with the most feasible and constructive option for your future.   Call us today for more information and for a consultation.  You can reach us at 734-619-1237 or email us at .  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook:  and Twitter: